Next Conversation Day on ‘Faith and Film’ – 3 July

Next Conversation Day on ‘Faith and Film’ – 3 July

As an art form, cinema captures the deeply human fascination with meaningful narrative, hence its enormous potential to influence how ideas are shaped and transmitted in the socio-cultural milieu. This is particularly the case when cinema creates space for theological exploration. As means of discreet dissemination of theological or religious narrative, certain films can be seen as the modern day equivalent of parables.

This will become obvious, we hope, in the selection of films and genres we are exploring during the Conversation Days. The next Conversation Day (and the last of the ‘Faith and Film’ series) is:

3 July 2020: ‘Beauty, Love and Sacrifice. The Cinematic Mediation of Transcendence in Tarkovsky’s Films’. The two speakers are: Revd Dr Colin Heber-Percy (Author, Screenwriter) – ‘Faith and Folly in Tarkovsky’s Stalker’ and Dr Christoph Schneider (Academic Director IOCS) – ‘Sacramental Science and Conjugal Love in Tarkovsky’s Solaris’. 

Previous ‘Faith and Film’ Conversation Days:

5 June 2020: ‘Intersections between science-fiction & theology’. The two featured speakers and their explored themes for the day are: Prof Rowland Wymer (Anglia Ruskin University) – ‘Science Fiction and Religion’ and Dr Razvan Porumb (Vice-Principal IOCS) – ‘Being human: theological  insights in Blade Runner‘. Recordings of this event available at: Session 1 and Session 2

19 June 2020:The Way of the Cross vs. Violence’ – with our special guest Sister Vassa Larin (from the popular series of podcasts Coffee with Sister Vassa) who will be speaking on Clint Eastwood’s Gran Torino (followed by a brief response from Father Dragos Herescu, Principal of IOCS). There will be no second presentation for this day. The recording of this event is available here.

As seen above, the format of a Conversation Day is centred on two speakers for each occasion – preferably from different but related Christian traditions or research backgrounds – who each deliver a presentation. The schedule of each  Conversation Days is:

6.30 pm – 7.30 pm:  First presentation, response and Q&A

7.45 pm – 8.45 pm: Second presentation, response and Q&A

The Zoom link for the 3 July online Conversation Day is:

Click here to download a poster for the event.