Postgraduate Degrees Fees

Fees for Anglia Ruskin University (ARU) Degrees

full or part-time Course Fee (UK students) Course Fee (International students)
Professional Doctorate in Practical Theology (DProf) Full-time part-time only part-time only
MPhil Full-time £4,712 £15,000
PhD Full-time £4,712 £15,000
MA – blended learning Full-time £10,000 £15,800
MA – distance learning Full-time £7,700 £7700
Professional Doctorate in Practical Theology (DProf) Part-time £2,356 £7,500
MPhil Part-time £2,356 £7,500
PhD Part-time £2,356 £7,500
MA – blended learning Part-time £5,000 £7,900
MA – distance learning Part-time £3,850 £3,850

If you register for blended learning, you will be able to take both distance learning and onsite modules; if you register for distance learning, you will only be able to take distance learning modules.

*Please do not make any payments before you receive an official offer from the IOCS