IOCS Library

The Library

The Institute has a unique and growing collection of books in its library.

The Institute Library is integrated into the System of the Cambridge University Library (UL) and is listed in the most recent directory as one of its specialist libraries. Approximately 3000 catalogued books, journals and CDs comprise its collection. It includes the foundations of the Christian faith in the first millennium, primary sources for Orthodox liturgical theology, as well as extensive treatment of Byzantine history and art, Russian church history and spirituality. It is has a good collection of Orthodox theological scholarship in the twentieth century. While most of this material is in English, there are also works in French, Russian, Greek and other Eastern European languages. There is also an important set of journals in Russian.

You can search the catalogue via the iDiscover System of the UL

Among other significant donations the library has received the collection of one of Britain’s leading Byzantine scholars, Professor Sir Dimitri Obolensky and Oxford Russian scholar the late Prof John Fennell. This is a private collection accessible only to students on site.

Library use: Those seeking to visit the Institute or its library should visit us in normal office hours (10am – 6pm) and ring the bell of the door marked ‘IOCS’.