IOCS Sponsors and Benefactors

The Institute for Orthodox Christian Studies, Cambridge, functions with the blessing and oversight of the Orthodox Episcopal Assembly for Great Britain and Ireland and it has been maintained solely by support from charitable trusts at home and abroad and by the generosity of individual donors.

Our Major International Sponsors Have Been:

Issa and Dolly Audeh (Cyprus)
The Virginia Farah Foundation (U.S.A)
The Holy Synod of the Church of Greece (Greece)
The Koga Family Trust (U.S.A. and Romania)
The Leventis Foundation (United Kingdom and Greece)
Nicea gGmbH (Germany)
Orthodox Foundation for Christian Education (Beirut, Lebanon)
World Vision International

The Roll of Benefactors

Following the ancient custom of religious foundations in the universities of Oxford and Cambridge, we commemorate our benefactors, living and dead, praying for each by name at the festive liturgy of our patron saint, St Catherine of Alexandria, on 25 November each year.

Mr Christopher Amabatzi-Crecy
The Antiochian Orthodox Church at St Botolph’s, London
Antiochian Orthodox Society of Britain
Mr Issa and Mrs Dolly Audeh
Dr Krastu and Mrs Esther Banev
Dr Michael Basham
Revd Dr John Binns
Miss Gladys Bland
The British Antiochian Deanery
Dr Sebastian Brock
Mr John Nicholas Bruckin
Mr Andre Bullata
Mr Michael and Mrs Eleni Cambourelis-Benedikt
Mr Thomas Carter
Mr Roger S. Chapman
Mr Leonidas Christophilopoulos
Mr William Cooper-Bailey
Father Andrew Cowling
Mr Peter B. Cowling
Dr Miriam Craddock
Mr Jacob Dales
Dr Kevin Dalton
Mrs Helen Mary Dixon
The Parish of St Ephraim, Cambridge
Revd Canon Edward Every
The George and Brenda Farha Foundation
The Fellowship of St Alban and St Sergius
The Virginia Farah Foundation
Miss Anne Vivian Fletcher
Professor David and Dr Christine Mangala Frost
The Fulmer Charitable Trust
The Gerard Palmer Eling Trust
Fr David Gill
Great St Mary’s University Church, Cambridge
Greek Orthodox Patriarchate of Antioch
Mrs Maria Hadjipateras
Father Michael and Mrs Jeanne Harper
Mr Warwick Nicolas Harris
Mr Stelios Hawa
Association Irini, Father and Mrs Heriard-Dubreuil
Mr James Heywood
Mr Brandon and Mrs Lynette Hull
Mrs Marnie Jadden
Dr Frank Johnson
Dr Meera Juncu
Dr Dan Juncu
Metropolitan Kallistos of Diokleia
Metropolitan Ilia of Philomelion
Mr T. E. Kedros
Mr Andrey Kharlamov
Mr Christopher Kingsman and Family
Dr Sebastian Koga
Ms Karen Kuntz
Archimandrite Kyril and the Monastery of St John the Baptist
Mr Albert Laham
Ms Maria Lemos
Mr & Mrs Paul & Litsa Lemos
Mrs Edmée Leventis
Mr Savvas Liveras
Mr & Mrs Louis & Liz Loizou
Miss Elizabeth Long
Revd Professor Andrew Louth
Mr C.L. Loyd
Lady Marina Marks
Dr Michael H. McCall
Mr Thomas McFadden
Mr Nick and Mrs Mirona Meade
Mr John Melligon
Dr Symeon Menne
Dr Hany Mikhail
Fr Katrine Mohl
Father Simon and Christine Nellist
The Orthodox Fellowship of St John the Baptist
The Orthodox Foundation For Christian Education, Beirut
Mr Aristidis Panagiotou
Mr Stelio Papadimitriou
Parish of Holy Transfiguration, Walsingham
Mrs C. Pateras
The Patriarchate of Antioch
Mr Thanasis Petronokolos
Mr John Phillips
Mr C. J. Pratt
Mr Jonathan Price
Angelique Rockas
Roy International Children’s Foundation
Fr Nikolai Sakharov
Mr Daniel Simon
Ms Anne Spalding
Dr Graham Speake
Professor Richard Swinburne
The Holy Synod of the Church of Greece
Miss Jennifer Mary Targett
St Theodore Ecclesiastical Trust
Mrs Philitsa Theophilou
Dr George Theokritoff and Dr Elizabeth Theokritoff
Revd J.M. Titterington
Revd Gordon Walker of Grace Ministries
Dr Rowan Williams
Mr Bernard L. Wilson
World Vision
Mr D Xiourouppas

(Please note that since the Roll of Benefactors is intended to be in perpetuity, we make every effort to remember each donor and to accurately record names, and we add each year the names of those monthly donors whose small contributions have become in time substantial. Please advise us of any errors in name and of any omissions.)