Studying at the Institute

Orthodox theological education, when it is most true to itself, engages both the head and the heart – not the rational mind alone but the whole human person. The Institute’s approach to learning is based on this model, recognising the essentially holistic and experimental nature of Orthodox theology. One sign of this is the intimate and organic link it seeks to maintain between study and worship by integrating the learning cycle into the liturgical cycle. The services (in English) and moments of prayer during the courses form an essential part of the programme. This approach is central to the Institute’s aim of offering a living and creative witness to the Orthodox tradition both within its university setting and to the wider world.

IOCS students are of all ages and nationalities, have a wide range of educational backgrounds, and come from all walks of life. They speak highly of their experience:

“A friendly and relaxed atmosphere, supportive and stimulating”

“All the lectures were scientific, clear, well-structured, sober”

“Christian love and respect for the other shine through”

“It exceeded my expectations”