† Metropolitan Kallistos Ware (1934-22), President of IOCS

Metropolitan Kallistos Ware

Metropolitan Kallistos gave his endorsement for this Lectureship not long before his passing to the Lord:

“ I am pleased to have been asked to be a Patron of the appeal launched by the Institute for Orthodox Christian Studies to raise funds to establish a Lectureship in Orthodox and Ecumenical Studies.
The Institute has been providing a unique study centre over the past 23 years and I believe that this position will add greatly to its continuing resources  and contribution. I give my blessing to this appeal and to the work of the Institute and am pleased to be associated with it”

The Most Reverend Metropolitan Kallistos (Ware) of Diokleia is currently the President of the Institute for Orthodox Christian Studies in Cambridge. His Eminence is a titular metropolitan of the Ecumenical Patriarchate in Great Britain. From 1966-2001, he was Spalding Lecturer of Eastern Orthodox Studies at Oxford University and has authored numerous books and articles pertaining to the Orthodox Christian faith, and Orthodoxy’s relationship to the broader culture, including the sciences. He is one of the most prolific and influential Orthodox authors today, known not only in the English-language Orthodox context but in the entire Orthodox world and beyond.