Other University Courses

The Institute provides a gateway to a wide variety of part-time and full time courses in the Cambridge Theological Federation and the Faculty of Divinity of the University of Cambridge. Doctoral students and faculty members elsewhere may also apply to spend a term or more (up to a year) as Visiting Scholars or Fellows.

Prospective students of the Institute may enrol in one of the programmes offered through the Faculty of Divinity of the University of Cambridge and the Cambridge Theological Federation.

  • Certificate in Theology for Ministry (CTM)
  • Bachelor of Theology for Ministry (BTh)
  • BA in Theology and Religious Studies
  • MPhil
  • PhD
  • Research opportunities for Visiting Fellows

As in the other member colleges of the Federation, full-time students of the Institute will normally be expected to complete additional in-house requirements. These include participation in the Study Weekends and Summer Schools, as well as in the regular study-skills seminars and courses on Orthodox theology.

We will be happy to help you decide which programme might suit you best so please contact us if you need help.