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MA in Pastoral Theology

Student life

The river Cam


Students are strongly encouraged to participate in the liturgical life of the Institute (the Institute holds services on Friday evening and Saturday morning of each Study Weekend) as well as in the services and events of the Orthodox parishes and of the Orthodox Student Society in Cambridge. Students will also benefit from the spiritual guidance and advice of the Institute’s Chaplain who will be regularly available for students for pastoral conversations.

A chapel service

Students are welcome to participate and work in the Institute’s outreach programme, THE WAY, which aims to teach the basics of the Orthodox faith in a course taught once a week over twelve weeks, at various venues in the United Kingdom.

Sebastian Brock with students


Graduate students are strongly encouraged to attend (without extra charge) the monthly Study weekends and the Annual Summer School organised by the Institute as part of its Certificate/Diploma programmes in Orthodox Christian Studies. Since the Institute invites many distinguished speakers to these courses, from Great Britain and from overseas, graduate students have an opportunity to listen to and meet with renowned Orthodox theologians.

Students at an IOCS Summer School