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Visiting Academic Staff and Distance Learning Tutors

Revd Dr Demetrios Bathrellos

Revd Dr Demetrios Bathrellos is a Visiting Professor and Distance Learning Tutor for the Institute for Orthodox Christian Studies. Father Demetrios received his doctorate in Systematic Theology from Kingís College, London and is the author of The Byzantine Christ: Person, Nature and Will in the Christology of St. Maximus the Confessor (Oxford: OUP, 2004).Arrow

Revd Dr John Binns

Revd Dr John Binns is a Visiting Professor of the Institute and Vicar of Great St Mary's the University Church Cambridge. He is an Anglican priest with a long commitment to building understanding between churches of east and west. He studied at the Serbian Orthodox Theological Faculty at Belgrade (1972); and was awarded a PhD degree by Kings College London for his thesis on Cyril of Scythopolis (1986). He has been Chair of Trustees of the Fellowship of St Alban and St Sergius, and was a founding director of the Institute of Orthodox Christian Studies. His publications include Ascetics and Ambassadors of Christ, the Monasteries of Palestine 314-631 (OUP 1994) and An Introduction to the Christian Orthodox Churches (CUP 2002). As Visiting Professor he is initiating a research programme on Ethiopian Christianity.Arrow

Revd Prof Nikolaos Loudovikos

Revd Prof Nikolaos Loudovikos is a Visiting Professor of the Institute. Father Nikolaos is Professor of Systematic Theology at the University Ecclesiastical Academy of Thessaloniki, Honorary Research Fellow at the University of Winchester, and Visiting Lecturer at the Institute for Orthodox Christian Studies (Cambridge). In addition to his numerous scholarly publications, he is known through frequent contributions in newspapers and appearances in radio and television programmes. His most recent publications include The strive for participation: Thomas Aquinas and Gregory Palamas (forthcoming); A eucharistic ontology: Maximus The Confessor’s eschatological ontology of being as dialogical reciprocity (2010); The terrors of the person and the ordeals of love: critical thoughts for a postmodern theological ontology (2009); Theopoiia: postmodern theological aporia (2006); Orthodoxy and modernization: Byzantine individualization, state and history in the perspective of the European future (2006).Arrow

Dr Marcus Plested

Dr Marcus Plested, MA M.Phil D.Phil (Oxford) is a Visiting Professor of the Institute. He is currently an Associate Professor of Greek Patristic and Byzantine Theology at Marquette University, US. Dr Plested was schooled in London and went on to read Modern History followed by Theology at Merton College, Oxford. He took his doctorate from Oxford in 1999 with a thesis on the Macarian Homilies supervised by Bishop Kallistos (Ware). He has been at the Institute since 2000. Dr Plested has taught, lectured, and published widely in the field of Orthodox Christian studies. His most recent book is The Macarian Legacy: The Place of Macarius-Symeon in the Eastern Christian Tradition (Oxford: OUP 2004). Other research interests include the understanding of wisdom in the Christian tradition and the interaction between western and eastern theological traditions. He was received into the Orthodox Church in 1992.Arrow

Rev Archimandrite Nikodemos Anagnostopoulos

Rev Archimandrite Nikodemos Anagnostopoulos is Visiting Lecturer at IOCS. He studied Social Theology at National and Kapodistrian University of Athens and completed a Masters Degree in Pastoral Theology at St. Mary’s University College of London. Currently, he is undertaking Doctoral Research at Heythrop College specializing on Muslim-Christian Relations in South-eastern Europe. His main research areas are Muslim-Christian relations, Eastern Christianity, Orthodox Liturgy and Canon Law and Koine Greek and Orthodox worship. He is an Orthodox priest, under the authority of the Ecumenical Patriarchate of Constantinople, and since his ordination in 1996 he has been serving at various parishes in Greece, Turkey and Great Britain. He worked as Religious Education Teacher at British Secondary Schools, as Healthcare Chaplain for the British National Health System and as a Lecturer at South London Christian College teaching New Testament Greek and Christian Ethics at undergraduate and postgraduate levels. Currently he is working as Visiting Lecturer in Ecclesiology and Liturgy at St. Mary’s University College. He is a member of the Living Stones of the Holy Land Trust and of the Pan-Hellenic Association of Theologians. He has contributed with papers at National and International Conferences in UK, Italy, Greece, Turkey, Serbia, Palestine and Lebanon.Arrow

Revd Dr Liviu Barbu

Revd Dr Liviu Barbu is Visiting Lecturer and Distance Learning Tutor at IOCS and an Orthodox priest, Rector of Martyr Philothea and Saint Bede Parish in Norwich. Fr Liviu earned a PhD in Theology from King's College London and has lectured and published on Pastoral Theology, in particular on spiritual direction and formation in the Eastern Orthodox tradition.Arrow

Dr Jill Gather

Dr Jill Gather is a Distance Learning Tutor of IOCS. She obtained a doctorate degree in Early Church History from Union Theological Seminary in New York City. Her particular interests within the field of Church History are early Christian asceticism, Christian anthropology & spirituality, as well as Eastern Christian & Byzantine studies.Arrow

Todd Godwin is a Distance Learning Tutor of the Institute. His interests are in “global Syriac Christianity,” the interaction between Syriac Christian culture and Iranian, Central Asian, Chinese, Indian and Muslim cultures between the Late Antique and Early Modern Period. Todd’s PhD thesis, done at the School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS), University of London, was on the first Christian texts written in Chinese, which come from the East Syrian community and the seventh to ninth century in Tang Dynasty period China. Todd is interested in Eastern Orthodox and Oriental Orthodox relations, as well as Roman Catholic and Eastern Orthodox relations.Arrow

Father Patrick Ramsey

Father Patrick Ramsey is a priest-monk from New Zealand and a Distance Learning Tutor of the Institute. He is presently living in the UK to complete a PhD in theology in the area of patristic ecclesiology and he has previously obtained a Master of Theology in Orthodox Studies through the University of Wales, Trinity St David or Lampeter. His speciality is in ecclesiology, in particular the hierarchy of the Church and its clerical orders, on which he has completed his Master’s dissertation. He has also researched in liturgics and has been studying closely various 14th century liturgical manuscripts from Mt Athos and Constantinople. He has spent some time on Mt Athos where he has obtained a good understanding of spiritual life and practice. He has also a strong interest in history and patristics.Arrow

Dr Alexis Torrance

Dr Alexis Torrance, D.Phil. (Oxon.) is a Distance Learning Tutor of the Institute. Dr Torrance is a patristics scholar and the author of a recent monograph "Repentance in Late Antiquity: Eastern Asceticism and the Framing of Christian Life" (Oxford University Press, 2012). He is currently a Research Fellow at the University of Thessaloniki (Greece).Arrow